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Ski Fitness

Get fit before your ski trip and you will get so much more out of your holiday!

Join a ski-fitness based Interval Training class for 6 to 8 weeks before you go.

Off Piste Skiing, like any other sport, requires a specific type of fitness. In the months leading up to your skiing holiday it is important to exercise the main muscles that you will be relying upon whilst on the slopes.


Why exercise? The fitter you are, the smaller your chances of injury. Damaged knee ligaments top the list of most common injuries – followed by thumb injuries, fractured ankles and back injuries. By preparing well prior to your holiday, your muscles will be efficient and your aerobic fitness improved. As a fit skier you can more efficiently dispose of waste products of skiing (e.g. lactic acid – which makes legs sore). Fit skiers don’t need rest days and can ski every valuable day of the holiday.

Slalom What type of fitness? Skiing requires heart and lungs (aerobic) fitness – remember you are skiing at altitude. Additionally you need the strength and ability to sustain short bursts of exertion – so strong legs and arms are a must. Finally, coordination, balance and flexibility are needed.

Blue Sky

What people say...
"By doing Andy's Ski Fit classes I have become a stronger, fitter and more confident skier, I don't even need to waste time having that afternoon nap anymore". Heather K

“Thank goodness for your interval training sessions before our ski holiday! Our general fitness levels were much better and for once the customary day 2 and 3 aches and pains were missing. Getting up after the all too frequent falls was much easier and with your help we can look forward to many more years as 'veteran' skiers”. Francis & Dickie Jackson.

So prepare beforehand and enjoy a fantastic skiing holiday!
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