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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is an excellent way of incorporating really effective exercise into your daily routine. It changes your normal social walk into a whole body workout, and is suitable for everyone from keen walkers to top athletes.

The sport came from summer training for cross-country skiers. It combines all the health benefits of an outdoor walk with working the upper and lower body together, and it will strengthen the back, legs, arms, heart and lungs.

It is an ideal group activity, because people of all fitness levels can walk together at the same pace - if you want to increase the level of your workout, you put more effort into the upper body movements. Studies have shown that using Nordic Walking poles forces people to pick up their pace and work harder without realising it. The fact that you are using your arms through a greater range of motion than normal means you burn more calories. On average people use 20 per cent more calories when they are Nordic Walking. Participants in studies increased their upper body strength by 40 per cent and reduced impact on vulnerable hips, ankles and knees by 26 per cent compared with running.

It's a great way of getting out and enjoying all our local countryside. Check out all the health benefits at

Nordic Walking
Andy runs regular Nordic Walking beginners and intermediate sessions for groups and individuals. To find out more, ring Andy on 079500 31538, or

What people say....

"We recently had a 2 hour introductory lesson to Nordic Walking (in the beautiful Surrey countryside) with Andy Webb, who'd been introduced to us by a collegue.
What really struck me was Andy's warm professionalism, from the moment we met him. Within a very short period of time it felt as if we'd known Andy for years; he is so able to quickly build rapport.
Andy made everything easy for us, from showing us the variety of poles and explaining the benefits of each, to adivising us which would be best for us, to learning by doing, with lots of focus on positive reinforcement and encouragement. This was really motivational.
We have found his patterning short excersises really poweful and helped me to remember the technique when going solo the following weekend. Together we have made real progress and will use Andy again as we value his talents so much." Andrew and Carol

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